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What Are You Thankful For?

100 Things I Am Thankful For


  1. Life. How cool is that I’m actually here, in this world, living?
  2. Friends. There is no way I could survive without them. Love you guys!
  3. Family. We have our ups and downs, but they really are my foundation.
  4. Love. It’s completely magical and amazing, isn’t it?
  5. Words. They are literally my life line. I would not be me without them.
  6. Choice. I love that every day I can choose to be happy. Fabulous!
  7. Music. It’s one of those things I literally cannot live without.
  8. Color. As you can probably tell from my site, I’m obsessed with it!
  9. Magic. Just read a quote saying magic is in everything. So true!
  10. Art. To quote Ani Difranco, “Art is why I get up in the morning.”
  11. Dogs. They are flat out amazing creatures. Love you, Bella! Miss you, Pooky!
  12. Health. I’m a pretty healthy girl and I’m so, so, SO happy about that.
  13. Seasons. Spring, summer, winter, fall — love ’em all!
  14. Stars. As The Killers sing: “Stars are like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun.” How beautiful!
  15. Acceptance. I’m so thankful to those who accept me for who I am.
  16. Rainbows. I’ve seen more of them this year than in my entire life combined. Amazing!
  17. Blogs. I love writing mine and I love all the blogs I read on a regular basis.
  18. Laughter. There is little better in the world than the laugh-so-hard-you-cry feeling.
  19. Holidays. There’s something incredibly exciting about them (especially Halloween!!!!).
  20. Sunshine. I don’t see too much of it today, but I love, love, love when the sun’s shining.
  21. Books. There’s never a time when I’m not thankful for the words of another.
  22. Organization. It might seem boring to some, but I’m really glad I’m organized.
  23. Generosity. One of those things that’s just as great to give as it is to get.
  24. Encouragement. So many people have supported me in my life and I’m so lucky to have them.
  25. Accountability. I’m so glad I’ve finally realized that I’m accountable for myself and my life.
  26. Smiles. I love giving them and getting them. As Buddy the Elf says, “Smiling’s my favorite!”
  27. Change. It scares the shit out of me sometimes, but it can be a wonderful thing.
  28. Fun. Who doesn’t love a little bit (or a lot!) of fun in their lives?
  29. Housing. This is something I usually take for granted, but I heart my apartment!
  30. Comfort. Comfort food, comfy sweatpants, a comfortable relationship…comfort rocks!
  31. Hope. Sometimes it’s hard to find, but it’s always there, waiting to lift me up.
  32. Handwriting. It’s so cool how we’re all so different and this is a great place to see that.
  33. Glitter. C’mon now, you know glitter is just about the awesomest thing ever.
  34. Patience. I don’t have very much of it yet, but I’m getting better at it every day!
  35. Photographs. There is nothing quite like a brilliant image to capture a moment.
  36. Wonderlands. I particularly love Alice in Wonderland, but a winter wonderland is pretty great too.
  37. Honesty. It really is the best policy.
  38. Surprises. As long as they’re good, I lovvvvvve them.
  39. August. Best month ever, hands down.
  40. Paw prints. I can’t help but smile every time I see them.
  41. Passion. One of the best things: seeing someone passionate about what they do or who they love.
  42. Palm trees. If only they had them on the east coast… I’ll be back, Cali!
  43. Dreams. Both the daytime or nighttime variety are pretty cool.
  44. Films. A movie that leaves you feeling moved — priceless!
  45. Positivity. Look for the good in everything and you will find it.
  46. Knowledge. Gaining and possessing knowledge is one of my favorite things. Ever.
  47. Quality Time. When you get to spend really quality time with someone, it’s sooo fantastic.
  48. Animals. How alike and different we are from them! Fascinating!
  49. Kindness. Even the smallest act or word can change a day around…
  50. Sleep. There’s nothing like a soft pillow and a warm blanket after a long, hard day.
  51. Dancing. I can’t say I’m very good at it, but I love to do it!
  52. Safe Landings. Gotta love those after a turbulence-filled flight!
  53. Food. It’s a major part of life, but I often forget to be thankful for it.
  54. Challenges. They may suck at the time, but they always make me a better person.
  55. Imagination. I don’t know where (or who!) I would be without it…
  56. Compliments. Yeah, you know you’re thankful for ’em too.
  57. Twitter. It’s awesome connecting with people on there and a great resource for new info.
  58. Growing Up. Man, it was tough being in high school… and college… and right-out-of-college…
  59. Freedom. Another thing I often take for granted, but am SO lucky to have.
  60. Plans. I love knowing that fun things are coming up. Putting plans in place is great!
  61. Therapy. Seriously, it has changed my life in so many amazing ways.
  62. Driving. The car, the road, the music… awesome.
  63. Inspiration. There’s nothing quite like coming across something that inspires you.
  64. Peace. I’m not always at peace with myself and the world, but I’m working on it.
  65. Productivity. It feels so great to be getting stuff done.
  66. Emotions. Sometimes it’s scary to feel things deeply, but it’s also very wonderful.
  67. Creativity. It’s such a great feeling to make something and know it came from your heart.
  68. Good News. We all know there’s a lot of bad news out there, so it’s great to hear the good stuff.
  69. Clothes. Even though I’m a grown-up, I still love playing dress up. Heart you, Chanel & Marc Jacobs!
  70. Apologies. It feels great to hear them and even better to say them.
  71. Forgiveness. This is also pretty great if you’re in the wrong…
  72. Weekends. Ahh, to be work-free for a few days. Love it!
  73. Magazines: NylonBitchBustReal SimpleInStyle… I heart you.
  74. Now. It’s awesome to live in the moment. The only time we have is NOW!
  75. Respect. One of the best things we can do is respect others — and ourselves.
  76. Bathing Suits. Considering I have about 32 of them, I’d say I’m pretty grateful for ’em (and summer days!)
  77. Joy. It’s something that is all around us — we just have to look for it.
  78. New Places. They can be scary sometimes, but the excitement is part of the fun!
  79. Kisses. There are all sorts of kisses, but all of them are so awesome.
  80. Memories. I don’t like to dwell too much on the past, but it’s awesome to look back sometimes.
  81. Excitement. I’ve had a fair amount of it in my life lately and I love it!
  82. Coziness. It feels so good to cuddle up and be cozy with a great book (or person!).
  83. Thoughts. I have a lot of them (a lot, a lot!) and I’m thankful for every single one.
  84. Internet. Oh, what in the world would I do without you, World Wide Web??
  85. Compassion. It feels wonderful to be compassionate to others.
  86. Journals. All of those blank, beautiful pages!! I cannot get enough of them!
  87. Opinions. I love sharing mine and hearing others’ as well.
  88. Water. Another one of those things I tend to take for granted, but it’s super important.
  89. Energy. I seem to have a lot of it these days! Yippee!
  90. Questions. When I question things and when others question me, I learn. Love that!
  91. Time. I’ve already spent a pretty good amount of time being me, and I’m thankful for that.
  92. Hugs. Not normally a touchy-feely girl, but a good hug can brighten any day.
  93. Earth. This place is pretty cool, if you ask me. Thanks for letting me live here, Earth!
  94. Safety. More often than not, I feel very safe and I’m so lucky to have that privilege.
  95. Strength. I’m not that physically strong, but I have a lot of internal strength that I need to be thankful for.
  96. Independence. It’s great to be free, but it’s also important to be independent.
  97. Gifts. I adore buying gifts for others (and don’t mind receiving them myself! ha!).
  98. Enthusiasm. Life’s too short to sit around being bored so get into it!
  99. Gratitude. Without it, I don’t think I would be nearly as happy as I am right now.
  100. YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and support this blog. You. Are. Awesome.