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Study Guide English Test 5th Grade June 2018

  • Study Guide English Test 5th Grade June 2018
    • Write about you (name, age, birthday, family, pets, subject, likes/dislikes).
    • Daily Routine and Telling the Time (I get up at half past seven…., I have breakfast at eight o´clock,…)
    • Adverbs (usually, always, never, …)
    • Writing a Recipe / Ingredients (flour, sugar, …)
    • Giving Directions (go over, go along,…) / Places (book shop, sports shop, bridge, swamp,…)
    • Write about your holidays.
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Study Guide English Test December 2017 6th Grade 📝📌📌📌

Study Guide English Test 

1. Vocabulary TV Programmes

2. Present Simple

2. Talk about the TV programmes you and your family like

3. Adjectives to describe TV programmes ( exciting, amazing, boring…)

4. Vocabulary Recycling Objects/Materials

5. Future “Going To” (affirmative, interrogative, negative)

6. How’s Martina going to be green?

7. How are you and your family going to be green?

8.  Vocabulary Songs, Stories…

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Study Guide English Test December 2017 5th Grade📝📌📌📌

Study Guide English Test

1. Foods/Drinks Vocabulary (healthy/unhealthy Food)

2. Write a Recipe (ingredients, tools, How to make it)

3. Questions and Answers How often…?, When…?, How many…?,…

4. Write about “My Week”

5. Habits to Keep Healthy (don’t drink soda, wash your hands, do exercise,…)

6. Telling the Time.

7. Vocabulary from the Songs, Stories, The farmer and the wheat…

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Study Guide English Test 3rd Grade


This is the Study Guide  to prepare our  3rd Grade Writing Test.

1. Numbers (0-20)

2. Colours.

3. Questions and Answers about you: What´s your name? How old are you?

4. Questions and Answers with Have: Have you got a pencil? Yes, I have/ No, I haven´t.

5. Prepositions: in, on, under, behind.

6. What time is it? It´s ……….. o´clock. It´s half past………

7. Activities “busy Morning”: get up, brush your teeth, go to school,……

8. Vocabulary de las canciones, chants, Beep´s story, historieta ” A school trip”.


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Study Guide English Test 5th Grade

This is the Study Guide to prepare 5th Grade Writing English Test.

Don’t forget you need the Student’s Book, the Activity Book and

your English Notebook to study for the test!


1. Questions and Answers about you (name, age, family, eyes, birthday, pets, favourite subject…).

2. Write about the activities you like to do and you don’t like to do (LIKE+-ING).

3. Write about what you do every day (I walk the dog, I tidy my room…) and write about what another person does (He walks the dog, She tidies her room…).

4. Use the adverbs correctly (always, usually, sometimes…).

5. Tell the time.

6. Write about what you do in the evenings.

6. Write sentences with SOME and ANY.

7. Verb TO HAVE GOT (tener)

8. Verb TO HAVE (tomar)

9. Write about your MEALS (breakfast, morning snack…)

9.  Vocabulary: Daily Routine Verbs (see my friends, do the dishes, do my homework…), Food/Drinks, Subjects, Months, Family, Colours, Pets).

10. Vocabulary: Songs, Chants, Dialogues, Story “The science project”, Dogs, Beep’s Story.

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Study Guide English Test 6th Grade 📌📌📌

Here you have the Study Guide to help you to prepare our next Englih Test.

Remember to use the Student’s Book, the Activity Book, your English Notebook and the Divino English Blog to prepare it.


1. Give Personal Information (name, address, email address, class, birthday…)
2. Ordinal Numbers (from 1st to 20th)
3. Write dates (When’s Christmas? It’s on the…..)
4. Answer Questions (How often do you…? Using the Adverbs “always”, “sometimes”…once a month, every day).
5. Present Continuous (What are you doing? I’m writing. What is he/she doing? She/he is chatting online…)
6. Tell the time.
7. Compare two schools using “Our” and “Their”.
8. Vocabulary Computer Activities, Clubs, Teams, TV Programmes.
9. Vocabulary and Questions about Cora, Beep’s Story, Save our School, Songs.
10. Write about “Computers and Me”
11. Write an email.