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Natural Parks Project_6th Grade_Directions_Part II

This is the information you must include in your Project.

I give you also some examples to help you to write your Project. Do not forget to give it to me to correct it.

1. Introduction.

The ……… National Park is located in … (city), ( country) (continent).

(you must included a
world Map photo and beautiful photos of the park).
It was establishef in …. (year)

There is a common idea: the conservation of ‘wild nature’ for posterity and as a symbol of national pride.

Genenal Descrption of the park using SUPERLATIVES.

it is the biggest park… it is the oldest park in…. it is the most visited park in…it is the greatest park…one of the most awe-inspiring and breathtaking places in the world,…

im Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. It is located in Nainital district and Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand and was named after Jim Corbett, a well known hunter and naturalist.

2. Natural Features:

(you must included photos)

Example 1: The park is famous for its gorgeous views of waterfalls, caves, and mountains.

Example 2: The landscape of the …… is extremely varied, ranging from savannah, to hilly woodlands, to open grasslands.

Example 3: ……National Park is famous for its dense fairytale-like forests that surround the perfectly coned Mt Taranaki. The park has features such as the Goblin Forest, swamps and Wilkies Poolsz.


(you must included photos)

Example 1: It is known for its wealth of bird species and has also been declared a Special Protection Area for birdlife. Other species here include dolphins.

Example 2: It is home to a huge number of animals. Here travelers can see deer, the Iberian lynx, wild boars, foxes, otters, and a number of bird species like the black stork, Imperial Eagle, colorful bee-eaters and the Eurasian black vulture. The fauna of this region is why it is a must a visit.

4.Things to do/Activities.

(you must included photos)

Adventure sports such as:
1. Hiking can be done to the summits of various Mountains
2. There is also a cable car ride available.
3. Paragliding activity
4. Raft Biking is also done there

5. Tell why someone should visit your national park.

This is where you are really trying to “sell” or convince someone to come to the park you are researching.  What does your park have to offer?  What is special and unique about your park?
There are countless reasons why you should visit this Park, but here are just ten of them………..
So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your getaway to America’s first and most awe-inspiring national park.

5. Plan your Visit.

Best Time to Visit.


Throughout the year except for January and February.

How to get there.
Example: Well connected by road and rail.
Example1: INR 4000 per jeep, maximum 6 people allowed in one jeep.

Example 2:
. For seven-day access with your vehicle, you’ll pay $25; it’s only $12 for bikers, hikers, and pedestrians. From there, you have two camping locations from which to choose: Blackwoods Campground and Seawall Campground. Cost is between $22 and $30 per night. Reservations are recommended in the peak season from May through October.
Example 3:
Daily camping fees range from $12 to $26, with parking adding another $30 for a seven-day pass ($15 for bike or foot access).
Example 4:
You get access for your car for $20 a week or hike in for just $7. Camping is another $15 to $22 per day.

6. Recommended sites:

Tell people where they can get more information on your park:


1. Take a look at …… for more information.

2. Find out more in …
3. There’s more to discover in this national park, so see our…….
4. Find out more about the region here…
5. Head on over to …….for more things to do there.
6. Get more information at the….
7. Finally, take a look at ….

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Natural Parks Project_2nd Term_6th Grade

The Most Amazing National Parks on Earth English Project


Resultado de imagen de natural parks photos


In this exciting project, you and your partner will be researching a National Park.  There will be several components to this project which you will be completing along with your partner.


Project Directions


1. Research

You and your partner will have to pick a National Park to research.  A list of National Parks will be provided for you.

You and your partner will have to find the following:

  1. When was it opened?
  2. Where is it located?
  3. What is it famous for? (Natural Features).
  4. Things to do.
  5. Why should someone visit this park?
  6. Five other miscellaneous facts on the park.


2. Create

Create an attractive BROCHURE and a creative PowerPoint with the following title: “The Most Amazing Natural Parks on Earth” and then the name of the Natural Park you have chosen to research about and the country name where it is located.

* Do not forget to have a good layout of the brochure. You must include pictures, drawings and decorative elements.

* You must make a PowerPoint Presentation enjoyable and interesting to order to convince people to visit the Park.


3. Include all of the following information about the chosen country in your Project:

  • Introduce yourself and the National Park you will be trying to make people try to visit.
  • Give the basic facts of your national park-when was it opened, and where is it located.
  • Tell what your national park is most famous for.
  • Tell why someone should visit your national park. This is where you are really trying to “sell” or convince someone to come to the park you are researching.  What does your park have to offer?  What is special and unique about your park?
  • Closing-Sign off, and tell people where they can more information on your park.


4. Present your Project to the class on the assigned due date.

For the Oral Presentation you must:

  • Be completely prepared for your speech. Try to learn the whole contents of your project by heart.
  • Pronounce all the words accurately. Remember to refer to the following website for pronunciation.
  • Make sure that all group members have a speaking role.
  • Be articulate, loud enough and remember to make eye contact with the audience.
  • Try to make an organised, fun and enjoyable presentation.


I feel that you will really enjoy this project. However, this project will require a great deal of work on your part to complete.  The more work you put into the project, the better the project will turn out.  Enjoy!