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The Voice Kids 2019 Pictures & Videos

Once again this School Year we celebrated The Voice Kids at Divino Salvador School.

4th, 5th and 6th Graders chose an English song and they sang it in front of their classmates.

Songs are a great source of ‘real-life’ language and you can use music to practise lots of different language skills. Most of all, songs are a fun way to learn English!

Singing with other people can help to improve the English skills. It creates a safe space for children to practise expressing themselves aloud.

When you learn a new language, there are lots of unusual sounds your mouth isn’t used to making. Singing helps our mouths to form the right shapes and make these sounds loudly and clearly. Singing also helps us learn how stronger and weaker sounds are pronounced differently in English.
Everybody had fun and enjoyed a lot doing it because the best learning happens when we have fun!


Here you can see some of the pictures and videos from The Voice Kids 2019 Edition.

You did brilliant!!!


4th Grade



5th Grade