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Gallery: Tarzan By Face to Face Theatre



On the 21st of January 5th and 6th Graders went to Afundación Theatre to see the play Tarzan by Face to Face Theatre.

Inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs famous series of novels, this new adventure take us from the African jungle to a hotel of Timbuktu.

An aeroplane crashes in the middle of the jungle, the only survivor is a small boy who is adopted by monkeys and grows up to become Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.

In the meanwhile, Jane Goodall, a documental maker and a nature lover, and his fiancé Archibald Porter III, a hunter, are of expedition in the jungle with their team: María Trigo, from 6th A, and Manuel Martíns, from 6th B. Cheetah, the best Tarzan´s friend, is kidnapped and carried to Timbuktu. Finally, Tarzan saved Cheetah!

Our students liked the play a lot and they had a great time. Moreover, they could practice a lot of vocabulary (animals, clothes, food,….), prepositions and Verbs (Present Simple and Continuous), and two of our students from 6th Grade, María and Manuel, were very lucky to become stars for a day and going on stage and acting next to the main actors.