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Study Guide English Test 12th March 6th Grade 🗓

Study Guide English Test 12th March 6th Grade 

Unit 5

  1. Jobs Vocabulary Unit 5 (engineer, inventor,…)
  2. Past Simple Irregular Verbs from Unit 5

Affirmative (I worked, She travelled, We walked,…)

Negative (I didn´t work, She didn´t travel, We didn´t walk…)

Interrogative (Did I work? Did she travel? Did we walk?…)

****yesterday / last week / ago

  1. Past Simple Verb TO BE

Affirmative (I was / she was/he was)

(you were / we were/they were)

Negative (I wasn´t / she wasn´t/he wasn´t)

(You weren´t / we weren´ t/ they weren´t)

Interrogative  (Was I/Was she/Was he)

(Were you…? / Were we,…? / Were they…?

  1. Questions and Answers about important people from History Unit 5.
  2. Write Dates in letters 2005, 1967,…
  3. Vocabulary Unit 5 (dialogues, stories, songs, information about important people,…)