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Study Guide English Test 14th March 5th Grade 🗓

Study Guide English Test 14th March 5th Grade


  1. Vocabulary from Geographical nouns (forest, ocean, desert…)
  2. Vocabulary from Geographical Adjectives (wide, long, noisy, hot…)
  3. Questions and Answers about places in the world (Amazon, Mont Blanc, The Sahara Desert…)
  4. Comparative Forms: Short/long Adjectives
  5. High Numbers (4,567 kilometres, 562 metres….)
  6. Important Vocabulary from Unit 6: songs, “A long way to school” story, information about places…)
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Study Guide English Test 12th March 6th Grade 🗓

Study Guide English Test 12th March 6th Grade 

Unit 5

  1. Jobs Vocabulary Unit 5 (engineer, inventor,…)
  2. Past Simple Irregular Verbs from Unit 5

Affirmative (I worked, She travelled, We walked,…)

Negative (I didn´t work, She didn´t travel, We didn´t walk…)

Interrogative (Did I work? Did she travel? Did we walk?…)

****yesterday / last week / ago

  1. Past Simple Verb TO BE

Affirmative (I was / she was/he was)

(you were / we were/they were)

Negative (I wasn´t / she wasn´t/he wasn´t)

(You weren´t / we weren´ t/ they weren´t)

Interrogative  (Was I/Was she/Was he)

(Were you…? / Were we,…? / Were they…?

  1. Questions and Answers about important people from History Unit 5.
  2. Write Dates in letters 2005, 1967,…
  3. Vocabulary Unit 5 (dialogues, stories, songs, information about important people,…)