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Study Guide English Test December 2017 6th Grade 📝📌📌📌

Study Guide English Test 

1. Vocabulary TV Programmes

2. Present Simple

2. Talk about the TV programmes you and your family like

3. Adjectives to describe TV programmes ( exciting, amazing, boring…)

4. Vocabulary Recycling Objects/Materials

5. Future “Going To” (affirmative, interrogative, negative)

6. How’s Martina going to be green?

7. How are you and your family going to be green?

8.  Vocabulary Songs, Stories…

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Study Guide English Test December 2017 5th Grade📝📌📌📌

Study Guide English Test

1. Foods/Drinks Vocabulary (healthy/unhealthy Food)

2. Write a Recipe (ingredients, tools, How to make it)

3. Questions and Answers How often…?, When…?, How many…?,…

4. Write about “My Week”

5. Habits to Keep Healthy (don’t drink soda, wash your hands, do exercise,…)

6. Telling the Time.

7. Vocabulary from the Songs, Stories, The farmer and the wheat…