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Study Guide English Test 3rd Grade


This is the Study Guideย ย to prepare ourย  3rd Grade Writing Test.

1. Numbersย (0-20)

2. Colours.

3. Questions and Answers about you: Whatยดs your name?ย How old are you?

4. Questions and Answers with Have:ย Have you got a pencil? Yes, I have/ No, I havenยดt.

5. Prepositions:ย in, on, under, behind.

6. What time is it?ย Itยดs ……….. oยดclock. Itยดs half past………

7. Activities “busy Morning”: get up, brush your teeth, go to school,……

8.ย Vocabulary de las canciones, chants, Beepยดs story, historieta ” A school trip”.