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Questions about Cora (SB page 11) 🇦🇺

Please 6th Graders Copy and Answer these questions about Cora on your noteboook.

Remember to write complete answers!


  1. What´s her name?

  2. Where´s she from?

  3. Where does she live?

  4. Who does she live with?

  5. Is there a school near her house?

  6. What´s her teacher´s name?

  7. How long is her lesson?

  8. How many students are there in the class?

  9. What are her favourite subjects?

  10. Where does she do her schoolwork?

  11. Has their school got a library?

  12. What are Cora´s favourtie books?

  13. What clubs are there in her school?

  14. When does Cara meet the other students?

  15. Where does she meet them?

  16. What do they do at Christmas?

  17. When is sports day?

  18. Would you like to study at an online school?

  19. What is Australia capital city?

  20. Draw and colour the Australian flag.


15-501 AUSTRALIA.jpg